Terms Of Use

The following are the terms and conditions to use creativeintellectuals.com services (which you can get on the creativeintellectuals.com website.) Creativeintellectuals.com does not have any hidden terms and conditions. Creativeintellectuals.com provides a legal contract to you with all the terms and conditions.

Important notice

Limited reclamation period and refund rights: The right to ask for a refund – per incident- plan will expire within 30 calendar days (reclamation period) starting from the date of purchase. At any point in time, if you feel that creativeintellectuals.com not provided you satisfactory services, you can ask for a refund for the same. However, that refund will not include the shipping charges, handling charges and any other applicable taxes, except for in certain states and countries where shipping, handling and taxes are refundable.

Note : This clause may not be applicable for those who belong to some specific states and jurisdictions where the limitation of refund rights is not allowed. Any other valid refund right will not be affected by this clause. By using this service or subscribing to ‘ creativeintellectuals.com’ services, you are considered to have accepted and agreed to be bound by these terms


Certain terms defined in these Terms and Conditions are also used in the Privacy Policy and are integrated by reference to these Terms and Conditions.

Google’s use of the DART cookie enables it to serve ads to your users based on their visit to creativeintellectuals.com and other sites on the Internet.



Software, Materials, Services and other related information are collectively referred to as “Content”.


You” means you individually, any person, including any employer that you are acting on behalf of.

‘creativeintellectuals.com Certified Technicians’.

‘creativeintellectuals.com Certified Technician’ refers to technicians and specialists certified by ‘creativeintellectuals.com ‘ to perform the services under this agreement.

‘Creative Intellectuals Websites’

www.creativeintellectuals.com and any other owned, operated, licensed or controlled website by creativeintellectuals.com or by its resellers.


‘Materials’ refers to downloadable contents, white papers, web casts, frequently asked the question, press releases, reference guides, data sheets, product information or any other proprietary and/or copyrighted information which is available to download from website. The term ‘Materials’ does not refer to the interface, theme, layout or design of the websites or any other website owned or controlled by creativeintellectuals.com.


‘Software’ means a computer program of any kind, either kept by ‘creativeintellectuals.com’ or a third party, delivered via download, CD, other media or other delivery methods including client and/or network security software. Components of the Software are protected under copyright, trade secret, unfair competition, and other laws. Software includes both creativeintellectuals.com software and third party software. Your use of Software is subjected to the respective agreements such as a license agreement or user agreement that is attached or included with the software, ordering documents, exhibits etc.

Mode of Payment

The charge of the services may be quoted while the telephonic conversation or guided to the website. The payment will be processed only after the consent of the customer. As the mode of payment is limited to “online” which requires the use of credit card, the needed information is to be provided by the customer with correct layout.

All the payment is to be done before the start of the support unless ratified by the creativeintellectuals.com. In case the full payment is not done, the customer shall be liable to pay 1.5% or any higher legal charge on the amount due. If the payment is due, the creativeintellectuals.com is not liable to render the services and if prolonged by the mentioned duration may face the dismissal of contract.

Renewal Policy

We are always here to serve you with your satisfaction. Giving an extension to the services available is now easier. If you wish to renew the services you are required to contact the creativeintellectuals.com by yourself

Fair Usage of Policy and Termination

Although there is no fixation on the follow-on support during the subscribed period, the services available are under the guidelines of “fair use policy” enlisted by the creativeintellectuals.com, which is considered to be tampered if:

The contract is fraudulent.

This shall bring a temporary suspension or even permanent termination of the subscription provided, which will be decided under the sole right of the creativeintellectuals.com.

Third Party Products and Services

While serving you at the fullest, it may require to take the help of a “third party tool” which has to register from the license provider of the same tool. And you are expected to follow the terms of the party providing third party tool. The creativeintellectuals.com stands on the supporting side to help you to use the tool for enhancement of the services. However, at the same time, creativeintellectuals.com remains protected against any issue incurred due to inappropriate license or attributes of the third party software. If the third party tool follows to interfere in the functioning of tools and services by the creativeintellectuals.com, you will be notified for the amendment in the subscription provided by you. And violation of term of our contract can cause the contract to get void.

Billing Practices

Our billing practices terms and conditions apply when a customer makes an online purchase, that includes:

 – Explaining customers when their credit cards will be billed.

 – Service provider name and amount will be reflected on customer’s payment card statement to reduce the risk of confusion when the statement arrives

 – Cardholders are advised to retain a copy of the transaction.

Our business is an Australian business and all transactions will be billed in Australian dollars. If customer uses CurrencySelect, then the transactions will be billed in a National Australia Bank approved foreign currency.

Information Security – To securely make a transaction our website uses SSL encryption. SSL protects the sensitive information such as credit card details—by making them private and confidential—from being stolen by malicious users over the internet.

Card Security Code (CVV2/CVC2/CVN2) – The payment page of our website obtains the customer’s card security code value for verification only. We do not store these Card Security Code.

Additional Information Security-  Customers can read our FAQ page that includes questions and answers on how customers can protect themselves when shopping online

Call flow here

Thank you for contacting Creative Intellectual. My name is XXX, how may I help you?

• May I have your First and Last name?

• May I have the best no. number to reach you? Is there any alternative no. you would like to provide?

• May I have your email address?

• How may I help you? (The Specialist would analyze the time taken to provide the required services and would provide the quotation.)

• If it’s a one-time service (website changes, CRM upgradation etc.), we would be able to provide a one-time service for $XX.XX.

• I am sending you an email with the quotation and request you to please respond to the email with your consent so we may create an account for you.

• Thank you Mr. Customer, I would now get the order processed for you.

• (Once the work is completed.) Mr. Customer, the work has been completed according to your requirements. I would request you to please review the work and let me know if you are satisfied with the services.

• (Once the Customer is satisfied with the services, we would ask them to make the payment online.). Mr. Customer, please click on the link which says Pay Now.

• Would you please fill in your personal details and your card details, and click place my order.

• Your order has been confirmed and your Transaction ID is XXXXXXXXX.

• Thank you for giving us an opportunity to assist you and we value you your business.


The Creativeintellectuals.com Privacy Policy sets out our obligations with respect to the safeguarding, collection and use of Subscribers’ personal information. The Creativeintellectuals.com Privacy Policy is subject to modification from time to time, and such changes are effective upon posting of the modified policy to this URL: http://www.creativeintellectuals.com/privacy-policy/

Email newsletters will only be sent directly by Creativeintellectuals.com . Subscriber information will not be disclosed or sold to any third parties. You may also be contacted by creativeintellectuals.com.com designated customer review software provider for customer experience and service feedback.

Age of Majority

Creativeintellectuals.com does not accept agreements and payments from persons under the legal age of 18 years. By submitting your account application, you confirm that you are over 18 years of age or your parent or legal guardian has agreed to accept this Agreement on your behalf.

Subscriber Responsibility

When you apply to use creativeintellectuals.com services, you will be asked to select a Subscriber ID and Password. The Subscriber ID and Password are the means through which you access certain services. You acknowledge and agree that it is your responsibility to safeguard the Subscriber ID and Password you select from any unauthorized use. IN NO EVENT WILL CREATIVEINELLECTUALS.COM BE LIABLE FOR THE UNAUTHORIZED USE OR MISUSE OF YOUR SUBSCRIBER ID OR PASSWORD.

Subscribers are responsible for maintaining accurate account information at all times, including credit card and contact information. This information can be updated in your account control panel.

Policy Updates

This Agreement, as may be updated from time to time and posted at https://creativeintellectuals.com/terms-and-conditions/, represents the complete agreement and understanding between us with respect to the Service and supersedes any other written or oral agreement.