Why Protecting My Information Is Important?

Nowadays, it is crucial to make sure that your information is safe and secure while shopping online as wrong people can potentially get a hold of and misuse your information.

What Is SSL?

Secure Sockets Layer are cryptographic protocols that ensure the safety and security of the information that is being transmitted over a computer network. Always deal with a company that has SSL enabled on their website.

Do I Need Any Software For Protecting My Information Online?

Yes, considering the severity of data theft today, it is very important to have proper network security software installed on your devices.

Should I Save My Personal Information On Any Website?

Only save your personal information on the websites that you trust. Make sure that the website is packed with proper online security such as SSL.

How Will I Know What Is My Information Being Used For?

Whenever you go to a website where you need to share your information, you must go through their privacy policy page. There, you’ll be able to understand what information will be used for what purpose and how it’ll be kept protected. If a website doesn’t have a privacy policy page, we won’t recommend sharing your personal information with them.

Should I Share My Information Via Email Or Text?

This should never be done until or unless you trust the party you’re sharing information with. Make sure you don’t share any personal information via Email or Text to avoid Scams.

Is Using Autofill Recommended?

Your personal information can be compromised even from your browser. So, we would recommend not using the auto-fill feature to ensure the safety of your information. Saving a few seconds can potentially lead to date theft.